For A Few Days

Excerpt from The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, ©2013:

“Wow, Mr. Neat. How come there are no pictures on the walls?”

“Because after a while I would stop noticing them. The human brain is wired to focus on differences in its environment– so it can rapidly discern a predator. If I installed pictures or other decorative objects, I would notice them for a few days and then my brain would ignore them. If I want to see art, I go to the gallery. The paintings there are of higher quality, and the total expenditure over time is less than the purchase price of cheap posters.”

True to a point, but I still like my art, posters, and decorative objects.


2 thoughts on “For A Few Days

  1. … no matter the accuracy of the assessment, it does not take into account the fresh dopamine hit that one receives when nostalgia comes to one in a perfect moment of harmony…


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