X, Y, & Z coordinates

We got to see Paul McCartney perform over the weekend.  He put on a great show, with an energy the belied his age.

I love the ephemeral nature of a concert.  For a certain price you get to be in a certain place at a certain time for something completely fleeting.  You can take a photo or a video if you want to, but watching it on a screen will never replace the feeling of being there, then.

If you don’t live in the moment, you miss it.


2 thoughts on “X, Y, & Z coordinates

  1. ooooh..OH so TRUE! I used to think I just HAD to bring my camera, cell phone, etc . Heck, enough people post them on YOuTube if I want that. So now I enjoy events a LOT more ..being hands free..it lets my heart and mind and soul be totally engrossed in the moment- and that lives in me FOREVER.


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