And pray to all in earnest


I love to sit in silence
Beneath the shady trees
And listen to the song of birds
And to the buzz of bees.
I love to sit in silence
And watch the Clouds roll by
Then read a book or sing a song
And hear the wild bird cry.
I love to sit in silence
When the day is almost done
And see behind the distant hill
The paint glow of the sun.
I love to sit in silence
In the evening twilight
And listen to the whippor-will
Singing with all its might
I love to sit in silence
Beneath the Starry sky
And pray to all in earnest
To live in silence all the while.

I’ve searched unsuccessfully to find the author of this poem.  If anyone knows, please tell me- I’d love for him or her to receive credit.

(Hotlinked images have a way of disappearing, so I went ahead and transcribed it.  I kept the capitalization and punctuation the same way it was in the image, because it’s not always clear what’s a mistake and what’s poetic license.)


5 thoughts on “And pray to all in earnest

      • hey! ya know, looking at that newspaper cutting you posted, and reading all his other poems on that sight ( well, i did an evelyn wood on most of them) i find it very hard to believe this guy wrote that poem……..but, what do i know??? Peace.


        • Looking at it again, it’s not clear whether he’s taking credit for writing it or if he’s taking credit (on a blog with multiple administrators ) for posting it. He has a few verses added that I haven’t seen anywhere else, so maybe he used it as a jumping off point.


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