Words of Wisdom

The two best pieces of advice I ever got about women came from Black men:

“What it takes to get her is what it will take to keep her.” ~Doug Williams (my friend, not the quarterback)
“If you have someone who loves you, don’t fuck it up.” ~Richard Pryor

The worst advice I got about women all came from White men, and almost always focused on the Grand Gesture: “Rent a tux, get two dozen long-stemmed roses, and pick her up in limo!”  That sets me up in competition with myself to constantly top the time before, and won’t be sustainable for long.

I realize that my relatively small circle of friends is far too small to make conclusions on something as big as race. I’m sure there are Black men with horrible relationship advice (Ike Turner springs to mind), and there may be some White men with absolutely brilliant perspectives.

But from my limited experience, it seems like Black men are more concerned with daily life, White men are more concerned with creating singular moments.

And I think it’s obvious who I think is getting it right.


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  1. Wow, this is an interesting article. Understanding the mystery of women is the greatest nightmare but it becomes more natural and easier when a man continues his meditation and the beauty of enlightenment, the greater magnet for attraction.


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