Little White Lies

Excerpted from A Remarkable Mother by Jimmy Carter, © 2008:

When the reporter arrived at the Pond House, Mama (Lillian Carter) instructed her that she would not answer any questions about my boyhood, because all of it was covered in my book Why Not The Best? Soon, however, an inevitable question came:

“Miss Lillian, your son claims that he will never tell a lie. Do you believe him when he says this?”

Mama: “Well, Jimmy has always been truthful, and I have confidence that he won’t change.”

Reporter: “Do you mean that he has never in his life told a lie?”

After a short pause, Mama replied, “Well, maybe a little white lie every now and then.”

The reporter leaned forward with her microphone and said, “Aha! Aha! And what do you mean by ‘a little white lie?'”

Mama said, “Well, do you remember a few minutes ago when I met you at the door and said that you look very nice and that I was glad to see you?”


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