People forget what an extremist Ronald Reagan was. He wasn’t a kindly old man who told funny stories, he was a demagogue who wanted to end political unrest by slaughtering all the hippies:

“If it’s to be a bloodbath, let it be now.”

Later he claimed that “bloodbath” was just a figure of speech. I’ve never heard anyone else use “bloodbath” as a figure of speech. Certainly the National Guard at Kent State didn’t use it that way.  They loaded their rifles with live ammunition, took aim, and fired.

Of course this is the same man who, when called out for telling a joke denigrating Poles and Italians, claimed that he was merely giving an example of the sort of thing he personally did not find funny.

So I don’t think telling the truth was of particular importance to him.

And I don’t think our current political climate is an aberration.

It’s more of a culmination.


  1. I think the current political climate is a culmination in more ways than one. For instance: Reagan opened the door wide to the situation we have today where there is a rapidly growing divide between rich and poor. This has resulted in an oligarchy, according to some studies. Oligarchies are usually followed by tyrannies.


  2. so very , very sad, but TRUE. I decided to remain blissful and ignorant


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