“Yet for every story of warped lives which fifty years later the critics of progressive schools might present, the Recording Angel might, no doubt, offer a hundred, telling of boys and girls thwarted and starved by traditional processes which made learning a repulsive and meaningless discipline to be suffered like measles, bad weather, or ill-tempered parents.” ~Hermann Hagedorn

After my Mom taught me to read, I was pretty much self-taught; an autodidact.  The classroom should have expanded my horizons, but instead it walled me in.  I loathed every minute of it.

I can honestly say I learned nothing of value in a traditional classroom.  It was all just a tremendous waste of time.  Remembering those times makes me anxious and unhappy.

I have no warm, nostalgic memories of my school days, save one:  I met my future wife there, in the seventh grade.

That’s kind of cool.




  1. parikhit dutta

    So school did finally have a happy purpose 🙂


  2. For me, I hardly remember high school—except for meeting my future soulmate and husband in 7th grade. But in college, I fel so much freer. I would go into each semester just thinking of whom I might meet or if there was just one thing to take away from each class.


  3. welllllll..that is * something* 🙂


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