In the WWE, they don’t pretend their matches are “sport.” Their contests are their product, and the referees aren’t there to ensure fairness so much as to ensure that their product remains interesting and flows smoothly.

I don’t really think the NFL and NBA are so very different.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the referees just aren’t very good at their jobs.

But watch how many times the calls benefit the team that’s behind. It’s as if the goal is to keep the game close and the fans in their seats- which, not coincidentally, keeps the ad revenue high.


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  1. markonit

    …I go with an assumption that things are “fair”… and the quotations are not because of a sinister conspiracy element but the use of imperfect judges making these decisions, from the benign to complex… with that said, as long as humans, who cannot possibly be “objective” as we define the term, make these decision upon which the weight is a sum of more than that as it appears in the moment, all we can hope for is the best of what we receive from those empowered to make and exercise judgement…


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