John Lydon/Johnny Rotten and Nora Forster have been married for forty years now (via):

“Now there’s a saucy girl.  It’s love, you know. I’ve always loved that woman. And she knows it. When we met we didn’t expect to get on. We’d both been told the other was a bad ‘un. But blimey. Sparks flew. It was instant attraction. And that’s never gone. I never expected to feel like that. I never thought I was in any way attractive. Or anyone’s idea of a good date.

“It’s volatile, the marriage. Which one isn’t? Nothing better than a good, full-on row. Get it all out. Say rude and nasty things. And then be sorry. Genuinely sorry, afterwards.

“But you know I can’t think of a better woman on God’s earth than Nora. If we ceased to function as a couple tomorrow there would be no one else. Not ever. I mean it.”





  1. markonit

    …so powerful… but I can’t… some people simply are meant to experience their existence solo… which isn’t to say that they are alone..!


  2. some things are just Meant. To. Be.

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