The Gentleman

The first time I read The Gentleman from San Francisco by Ivan Alekseevich Bunin, I was completely unimpressed.  I tossed onto the pile to be donated to charity.

A few hours later I wanted to re-read a passage, so I brought it back, read it, then returned it to the pile.

The next day there was another passage I wanted to re-read, so again I brought it back– only this time put it on my bookshelf afterward.

It’s an odd little story, compelling without being particularly exciting.  It’s a strange length, a little longer than a short story, a little shorter than a novella.

It was written in 1917 in Russia, and translated into English by D.H. Lawrence in 1922.  It is in the public domain, and may be downloaded freely from Project Gutenberg, HERE.

(Project Gutenberg offers free public domain books in a variety of formats, including Kindle, Epub, plain text, and HTML for online reading.)



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  1. I’ve done that , too! love it!


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