Furniture and Ornaments and Games

Excerpted from The Emerald City by L. Frank Baum, ©1910:

Altogether there were more than half a million people in the Land of Oz– although some of them, as you will soon learn, were not made of flesh and blood as we are– and every inhabitant of that favored country was happy and prosperous.

There were no poor people in the Land of Oz, because there was no such thing as money, and all property of every sort belonged to the Ruler. The people were her children, and she cared for them. Each person was given freely by his neighbors whatever he required for his use, which is as much as any one may reasonably desire. Some tilled the lands and raised great crops of grain, which was divided equally among the entire population, so that all had enough. There were many tailors and dressmakers and shoemakers and the like, who made things that any who desired them might wear. Likewise there were jewelers who made ornaments for the person, which pleased and beautified the people, and these ornaments also were free to those who asked for them. Each man and woman, no matter what he or she produced for the good of the community, was supplied by the neighbors with food and clothing and a house and furniture and ornaments and games. If by chance the supply ever ran short, more was taken from the great storehouses of the Ruler, which were afterward filled up again when there was more of any article than the people needed.

Every one worked half the time and played half the time, and the people enjoyed the work as much as they did the play, because it is good to be occupied and to have something to do. There were no cruel overseers set to watch them, and no one to rebuke them or to find fault with them. So each one was proud to do all he could for his friends and neighbors, and was glad when they would accept the things he produced.

The Emerald City is in the public domain and is available in many formats for free from Project Gutenberg, HERE.



  1. markonit

    …there has to be a BUT in this story… even in perfection there is an unhappiness that is the lot of man in his existence…


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