Asdrúbal Cabrera was cut by the Texas Rangers at mid-season– they didn’t even try to trade him, just unsentimentally kicked him  out the door– but he ended the season as the starting second baseman for the World Champion Washington Nationals.

What must have at the time seemed like a crushing blow to his career could not have ended up better.

It’s also worth noting that the Texas Rangers were right at .500 at the All Star Break, and punted on the season to begin building for next year.  The Washington Nationals were twelve games under .500 at at the same point, but never gave up.

The moral here is about as subtle as a pie to the face, isn’t it?




  1. markonit

    …this was about the difference of character and of confidence… to quote Herm Edwards… “…we play to win the game!”
    …for the Nats, that was their intention… for the Rangers, I think it is more about the profit motive…


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