I wish I could join the digital-less revolution, but it’s not possible anymore.

We’ve been forced to pay most of our bills online because the mail is so slow and unreliable we were being slammed with late fees.  Now some companies are requiring payment online, removing entirely the option of paying with cash.

It sucks.

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  1. markonit

    …when I recently broke my first really updated cell phone, I experience a momentary crisis of being… the photos and the things in the history… I felt briefly lost and it is a sensation that has still not completely left me… but it lingers now because of a proper sense of self that I can live with…


  2. I used to carry my phone EVERYWHERE! ridiculous! If I go in a store now, I don’t have it on or it’s locked in my car. I used to always feel I HAD to have it during live concerts, too. But NOT having it has made my whole experience a LOT more alive and engaging!


  3. 🙂 GREAT cartoon!


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