Don’t you wish they’d be quiet?

Mona and I got to see John Fogerty perform last night, but had the misfortune to be seated next to a pair of Christian fanatics.

They believed that the song Don’t You Wish It Was True was an affront to their faith, and had bought a ticket specifically to heckle him when he sang it.  Throughout the concert they shouted “Sing Don’t You Wish It Was True!

But it’s unlikely he heard them, he certainly didn’t play it, and I think they had egregiously misinterpreted the lyrics anyway.

(We had a good time at the concert.  We changed seats at the earliest opportunity.)

Full lyrics HERE.



  1. markonit

    …I don’t intellectually respect people who act that way… makes me project too many “certain images” upon them that they’d have to disprove for me to acknowledge them with any sort of objectivity…


  2. Imagine how they must react to John Lennon’s classic.

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