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Ignore his party affiliation for a moment, ignore the rhetoric, and just look at the things Barack Obama did.

He built over 800 miles of wall along the border with Mexico, and still holds the record for the most deportations. He built thousands of miles of  oil pipeline, declining only to build the last tiny connecting bit. His signature health care plan was first proposed by Republican Richard Nixon, first implemented by Republican Mitt Romney. He expanded Bush’s Gulf wars.  He kept Guantanamo Bay open, and refused to prosecute the torturers.  He negotiated trade agreements that favored corporations to the detriment of workers and consumers.  The stock market was the sole focus of his economic plans, and it soared.

Now look at the things he didn’t do. In eight years, he never proposed a single gun control law (although he did offer thoughts and prayers regularly). He didn’t raise the minimum wage. He did nothing about student debt.  Unions withdrew their support after he reneged on a promise to make union membership easier.

If the world made any sense at all, Democrats would loathe him and Republicans would adore him.

I believe he is the reason why the Democrats lost in 2016. There was no compelling reason to get off the couch.  Why bother supporting a Democrat if the only tangible difference between the two parties is style points?

But they are poised to do the same thing in 2020.  It looks like they’re going to nominate a candidate who will enforce the same basic policies, but with an aw-shucks grin and better haircut.

Their campaign slogan could be, “Yeah, but the other guy is even worse.”  And maybe that will get them the victory they crave.

Is that enough?



  1. markonit

    …okay… I have been thinking about this topic (again) for quite some time… about the time my uncle and cousin became the first African-American’s that I knew of to endorse a Republican President (in this case, it was Nixon)…

    The ideological differences that once marked the two parties have long been erases… the last true, pure Democrat was Jimmy Carter… the rest of the party platform exists to ease the conscious of the wine and cheese crowd, including the solar-powered home and hybrid Telsa drivers…

    No one is really keen on tipping the social power structure anytime soon… along with the religious fans of “thoughts and prayers” in lieu of true action, folks on the left like to talk a good game because it is a intellectual game to them… they fool themselves into believing that because they THINK about doing something that it is the same AS doing something. You and I both know that is not true.

    The only way to ascend inside the current social structure is to be a member of the current social structure. No one is a true outsider. In some of the conspiracy mumbo-jumbo about President Obama, there was one that showed his lineage going back through some of the “skulls and bones” elite families that run the world… I am just sayin’, if that is true, then what change is possible..? If everyone is rich and powerful upon being conferred “public power”, then what hope is there (if one is putting any hope in the socio-political systems of power)?

    The snarky satirists that make up the “Everything Is Terrible” group hit the nail right on the head… everything IS terrible..! Life is made up of different episode of the “Hunger Games” acted out on stages large and small, throughout the world, each and every day. Our social stature as humans and lords of the Earth does not change anything… would not Lions and Hyenas not contest one another as the different classes of man does..? Would not their rivalry, left unchecked, lead to destabilization of nature and species collapse.??

    Perhaps it is the universal meaninglessness of life and the infinite possibilities of what COULD give life meaning that drives evolution. Is there a secret to be discovered upon reaching the next stage of “whatever this is..?” To be certain, I have no idea. Nor do I think anyone else does (which led me to agnosticism).

    Life is a ride at a theme park we all must attend. It is infinite (not as though the lines at ANY theme park is not already!) all we can do is move from ride to ride, stopping here and there to get overpriced soda, half-done hot dogs, and tasteless cotton candy. There is no way out of it… no skipping line or taking cuts (even if it appears to be). So that an African-American President enacted policies that would appear to befit a conservative politician, while under the guise of being a Democrat (because an African American cat is CERTAINLY going to be for “the people”) only confirms that there is NO fairness beneath the social structure that saves us from the utter chaos that is “man in nature”. But, I would posit that “man in nature”, is more freer than man civilized…


  2. I just got a phone call from Donald Trump. He wants to be re-elected. I hung up on him


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