Deep Purple

This song was in my head, and it was really hard to find.  There’s a rock group named “Deep Purple,” and this song has been covered dozens of times since it was written in 1933.  That resulted in a lot of red herrings popping up in my search results.

This version, by siblings Nino Tempo & April Stevens, is from 1963.  It won the Grammy that year for best Rock and Roll record (seriously!)

Full lyrics HERE.  (The lyrics are correct, the writing credit is wrong.  For some reason they credit it to Todd Rundgren, who hadn’t been born yet when the song was written.)


  1. markonit

    …sitting here on a comforting Saturday night alone, this is a very pleasant surprise..!


  2. ccbarr

    In late 60s/early 70s there was a group called Deep Purple. They had a hit with “Hush”


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