Excerpted from Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, ©1922:

“Did you,” so he asked him at one time, “did you too learn that secret from the river: that there is no time?”

Vasudeva’s face was filled with a bright smile.

“Yes, Siddhartha,” he spoke. “It is this what you mean, isn’t it: that the river is everywhere at once, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the rapids, in the sea, in the mountains, everywhere at once, and that there is only the present time for it, not the shadow of the past, not the shadow of the future?”

“This it is,” said Siddhartha. “And when I had learned it, I looked at my life, and it was also a river, and the boy Siddhartha was only separated from the man Siddhartha and from the old man Siddhartha by a shadow, not by something real. Also, Siddhartha’s previous births were no past, and his death and his return to Brahma was no future. Nothing was, nothing will be; everything is, everything has existence and is present.”

Siddhartha is in the public domain and may be downloaded for free from Project Gutenberg, HERE.  It’s available in multiple formats, including EPUB, Kindle, and plain text.


“I don’t think about time. You’re here when you’re here. I think about today, staying in tune.”  ~John Lee Hooker


On a personal note:  When I think about the future I get anxious, when I think about the past I get sad, so I try to stay right here in the present.

But I don’t consider that a good thing.  I think that’s a symptom of a damaged individual.



  1. I don’t think of it as a damaged individual..I think of it as a deep, highly emotional person who feels things with their whole heart.


  2. This piece is so beautiful….

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  3. Cheryl

    “Today is a gift, that is why its called ‘The Present'”

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