Just For One Day

I used to play this song in the car every day as I drove to visit my mother in the nursing home.  It helped.

I would go in her room, and make her smile and sometimes even laugh.  I could raise the spirits of everyone in the room with her.  I could be a hero, just for one day.

But once I had kissed her on the cheek and stepped through the door into the hall, I guess the facade dropped.

I remember one time after a visit I sat down in the little waiting area at the front entrance, and one of the residents came up to me and asked, “Is everything all right?”

I told her my mother was dying.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she said, and she sat down on the sofa next to me, a look of genuine concern on her face.

A few minutes later she suddenly looked startled.  “Have you seen my dog?” she asked.  I realized she had dementia, and I pointed to the nursing station.  “That would be the place to ask,” I told her.  She scurried off.

But she had lifted my spirits a bit, and that was no small task.



  1. Cheryl

    You visited your mom. Beautiful. I worked in the kitchen of a home and so many people were so lonely. They’d get visitors maybe twice a year. XXOO

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    • I worked as a CNA in the Alzheimer’s ward of a local nursing home until my back wouldn’t let me anymore. I saw the loneliness, too. There were only two days that were crowded, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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  2. you are MY hero..every single day


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