The largest peaceful protests in American history were against the Bush family’s Middle East Wars. Protesters applied for permits, assembled peacefully, and picked up after themselves when they were through. Local merchants loved them: they stayed in motels, bought t-shirts, ate in restaurants. The economy boomed.

Not surprisingly, they were completely ineffective.

Lately we’ve had protests against racism and fascism that turned violent.

Those haven’t worked, either.

The sad fact is that the government simply doesn’t care about violence. Neither Richard Nixon in the 60s nor Donald Trump today ever said, “Americans should not fight other Americans.” What they said was “My goons can beat up your goons,” then watched approvingly from behind the barricades.

But there is a kind of protest that works.

When Rosa Parks led a protracted boycott against the bus companies in 1955, businesses lost money. They didn’t want to desegregate their buses, and used every legal, moral, and biblical argument they could muster to support their position, but in the end the deciding factor was their profit margin.

And that was how she won.  That’s the secret.

There are no morals or integrity in government or business, only profits and losses. They will support the things that make them money, and oppose the things that don’t.

So don’t waste your time with logic, reason, or moral arguments– go straight for their wallets.


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  1. markonit

    …This is what the answer is… but it is harder to get people to believe in it…


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