“And he left me with a prayer / that I’d find you…”

Nobody has ever asked me what my favorite Elvis Presley song is, but if they ever do, I have my answer in the chamber: “Kentucky Rain, written for him by Eddie Rabbitt in 1970.”

By today’s standards, the lyrics are problematic: his girlfriend dumped him, and he’s on a quest to track her down. That’s also the plot of a lot of old romance movies, and it hasn’t aged well.

But this is one of Elvis’ most emotional songs, and I appreciate it on that level.

Full lyrics HERE.


  1. Kentucky Rain is a very pretty sad song and one of my favorites.


  2. Cheryl

    “In the ghetto” written by Mac Davis. Showed range in Elvis’s voice

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    • It’s interesting that we both liked his later, slower songs.


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