If He Also Knew

“In one house where I stayed in Kyoto a remarkable woman lived upstairs. Nakamura Yaeko had left home and family to follow the spiritual path of tea ceremony just after the end of WWII. She taught tea ceremony to Kyoto aristocracy and Zen students. At one point I knew that one of her principal students was also a craftsman, and I asked how his study of tea was going. She told me he was very skillful and had learned a lot in a short time. I told her I thought that sounded like a good thing, and she shook her head and said, “No, that’s not good, not good at all. To be really good he should make mistakes; he should learn how to do tea ceremony all wrong. Otherwise his knowledge will be shallow, and he will think he knows more than he does. He will only know the right way to do this. It would be so much better if he also knew the wrong way.” ~Len Brackett, Building the Japanese House Today ©2005

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  1. oooh..I really like this!


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