I’ll find you in the morning sun…

I have always cried easily.

Living in the South, that’s been a problem. Any display of emotion (other than anger) makes people uncomfortable. It’s considered unseemly.

I guess I am unseemly.

But I defy anyone to listen to this song without tearing up just a little.

Full lyrics HERE.



  1. markonit

    …he was always happy… when I was a kid, I remembered him as an old man who enjoyed his big nose despite what other folks thought or made of it…


  2. Anonymous

    Love Jimmy Durante. Did you eve hear the story that he was coming to a theatre to do a short comedy set. But he kept going much longer. Turns out two war vets who’d each lost an arm were clapping by using their remaining arms together to clap. Cool story

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    • There was something just completely lovable about him. Just looking at him made you smile.

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  3. I’ll be unseemly with you!!!

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