Milton’s Secret

I found a DVD of Milton’s Secret in the bargain bin, and I really wanted to like it. It stars my favorite actor, Donald Sutherland, and was written by Eckhart Tolle, who I think is Pretty Good.

But something about it just didn’t click. It had the feeling of one of those “After School Specials” in the 70s, where it is all just a tad over the top and everything is neatly wrapped up in the end– by which time we all have learned An Important Lesson.

It wasn’t a bad movie, I guess; I was just disappointed that it wasn’t as good as it might have been.

You can watch the trailer at the official website,, and decide for yourself it you want to invest the time.



  1. Love your capitalizations 🤣

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    • I think I got that from the cartoonist Walt Kelly. Remember in “Pogo” the way he would draw the text to express the voice?

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      • I don’t, but you sure put the technique to great use here!


  2. Cheryl

    I am unable to open the link. Eckhart Tolle is someone who has me standing back from him. I never read his books. Maybe its the woo-woo factor atatched to him. And Hollywood loves him. I question Hollywood’s prefrences.


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