If it All Changed Tomorrow
by Ana Daksina

If we got that phone call
Saying they won’t be coming home
If the waters rose
If the earth began moving
If the air lifted buildings
And slammed them down again
If the other car hadn’t braked just in time
If that knock came on the door
If they said please come with me
We’ll clear this misunderstanding up
If they downsized us out
If they launched that missle
If the next meteorite came much closer
If we woke up in the hospital
Knowing life
Would never be the same again

Looking back

Would we find ourselves then
To have been sufficiently grateful
For this

Ana Daksina has a poetry page on WordPress that you can visit HERE.

This poem reminded me of the book A Boring Evening At Home by Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein.  In the book she recounts how, during her internement, all she ever wanted was “a boring evening at home,” and how grateful she was to finally have it.


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  1. Well written Ana


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