Figment” is defined as “a fabrication, fantasy, invention; something fictitious.”

That’s what I expected, but I realized I had never heard the word without the expository “of imagination.” That made me think that perhaps it meant something different.

It turns out the phrase is just redundant.

On a slightly related tangent: one of my favorite movies, the 1983 George Lucas film Twice Upon A Time, contains characters known as The Fig Men of Imagination. You should go rent that one. You’ll love it.



  1. markonit

    …I will have to look for that movie… question… I have tried to find the word “fasinate” but it keeps getting “fascinate” by another word…

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    • I think that was a typo- I’m sure she meant “fascinate.”


  2. Cheryl

    Look up the meaning and orgins of ‘fasinate’. Gives me the shivers

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