I got my COVID vaccine today. I was eligible because I’m the caregiver for my 91-year-old father, an elderly friend, and (to a lesser extent since the transplant) Mona.

Mine was the Johnson & Johnson Janssen Vaccine. I feel like that will probably become the most common vaccine, because it doesn’t require extremely low temperatures to store and it only requires a single injection. I will be 77% immune in two weeks, 85% immune in four. For comparison, the annual flu vaccine varies between 40% and 60% efficacy.

The pharmacist hit a vein with the needle and I bled like a stuck pig. That was unexpected. For about the next six hours I was head-achy and fuzzy, and that was expected. I would not have been able to safely drive during that time, and fortunately I didn’t have to.

They gave me a little card with proof of vaccination. I’m not sure who will be impressed by that, but I’ve got it.

I might still get sick. I might still pass it along, maybe to someone I love. Nothing is guaranteed.

But I had to know, for my own peace of mind, that I had done all I could.


  1. Cheryl

    Sounds good. So far in Arkansas its been nurses,Doctors,fire&police&grocery cashiers. Also people over 65. I’m still waiting for us “younger people” to get the ok. I got a bit of heart trouble so I’m mostly stuck inside. At least Mr. likes to cook:)

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    • Texas is lowering the age to 50 next week, so hopefully you can get yours soon, too.


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