“I do not accept it.”

I found this posted to the blog Living for the Hope of it All:

There’s a part in The Princess Bride (the book, it’s not in the movie) where Inigo and Fezzik are looking for Westley after he’s been taken by the Prince, and they’ve been running into obstacle after obstacle, having to overcome them one after the other till they are not only worn out but they find themselves lost in the dark in the Prince’s pit of despair. They overcome and overcome and barely overcome, and then they find Westley.


And in the middle of this horrid moment, the passage goes,

“After such effort; after being reunited with Fezzik on this day of days for this one purpose, to find the man to help him revenge his dead Domingo—gone. All was gone. Hope? Gone. Future? Gone. All the driving forces of his life. Gone. Snuffed out. Beaten. Dead.

‘I am Inigo Montoya, the son of Domingo Montoya, and I do not accept it.’”

And he drags Westley’s dead body to Max and stakes everything on a miracle happening. He is literally at the bottom of the pit of Despair with a dead man and instead of succumbing to despair himself he stops and says “I do not accept it.”

And that is one of the most powerful moments in any story I’ve read. Because sometimes the bravest and hardest thing is to insist on hope when it seems like there is none. To say no. I do not accept it. And look for a miracle if that’s what it takes!

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