Rhythm and Length


 Excerpted from an article in The Nation about Joan Didion:

In Blue Nights, her 2011 memoir about grief, family, and work, Didion said that when she and her husband, John Gregory Dunne, worked on dialogue for their screenplays, they would mark the time a character spent speaking before coming up with the words themselves: What was said was not as important as the rhythm and length of the speech.

That’s interesting.  That sounds more like a song than a screenplay.

You can read the whole article HERE.


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  1. it DOES sound like a song. But some of the best movies, shows, etc. I’ve seen are when they DO care about timing of the phrases. Anyone can memorize lines ..but it is the sincerity of delivery ..even just a LOOk (think Archie Bunker) can say it all!


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