Excerpted from the article “The Politics of Recognition in the Age of Social Media” by William Davies, published in The New Left Review:

In the decade after the fall of the Berlin Wall, critical theorists paid renewed attention to what Charles Taylor famously called ‘the politics of recognition’.footnote1 The demand for recognition, Taylor suggested, was linked to modern notions of identity—a person’s understanding of their fundamental defining characteristics, of who they are. Since our identity is partly shaped by others’ recognition, people can suffer real damage if society mirrors back a demeaning image of themselves. Thus, women in patriarchal societies may be induced to internalize a sexist self-image, to suffer the pain of low self-esteem. White rule has for generations projected a demeaning picture of black, indigenous and colonized peoples, saddling the oppressed with crippling forms of self-depreciation. In this respect, due recognition was a vital human need.

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  1. This, I think, more than anything else, is what drives the homeless so often truly crazy. Even I had trouble a time or two staying on this side of that line.


  2. i know someone who DEMANDS recognition…ye ole trump


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