1. markonit

    …aw, Mona… that is so sweet..! I refuse to relinquish my spot as an omnivore but I do not eat much meat and will eat veggies (along with Ice Cream..!) in its place…


  2. My friend, today for the first time when I pressed your “comment” button I received a notice that warned me the link led to an “untrusted site.” Figures — since you never put anything on here that would hurt anyone. I know they don’t even notify the site administrator, so I’m doing that from love, so you know what’s up with your stats. I’m truly sorry, my friend — but I also feel like congratulating you. Everybody else who’s gotten one of these has had a site nearly as harmless and trying its best to be as valuable as your own…

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    • Thank you for the heads-up. I think WordPress uses an external service for their comments, and that might be where the problem lies. During the first Gulf War my blog used to get lots of hits from a Pentagon address. That was kind of cool. But really, I’m nowhere near as dangerous as I intended to be. 🙂

      For a while, I’ve been posting identical stuff in two different locations, here and over at https://abbiestreehouse.blogspot.com. If you can’t find me in one place, you can always try another.

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      • I do the same with LinkedIn, and for the same reasons! I’ll keep your alternate address in mind, my friend


  3. I grew up in a family that ate meat several times a week. we never really thought of NOT doing it. I wasn’t even a big fan of meat. When I moved out on my own, I rarely ate meat..but I did like chicken. When I started dating and then marrying my true love, who is a vegetarian, I started to eat what he ate. I found I actually like those choices BETTER. It’s been 12 years now..and I can’;t remember the last time I had red meat. I’ve even discovered meatless lunchmeat and chicken. I even like tofu. I am so grateful my hubby opened my eyes to things I never would have tried. I feel a lot healthier, too. Don’t be afraid to try new things!!


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