Two things I’ve learned about LED lightbulbs, and one thing I’ve recently learned about myself:

  1. LED lightbulbs don’t last anywhere near as long as it says on the box.  Not even close.
  2. When LED bulbs go bad, they don’t simply stop working– they start flashing like a strobe light.
  3. I am one of those people who are sensitive to strobe lights, so when an LED in its death throes starts flashing away I have to shut my eyes and leave the room.  Otherwise I’ll end up on my knees with nausea.  
I was curious what the inside of an LED lightbulb looked like, so I sawed one open with a hacksaw. Everything is pretty flat inside. There’s really no need for that big plastic dome, other than tradition:



  1. markonit

    …save for the unfortunate effects on you(sorry for that!), this was a great “the more you know” segment


  2. how cool is this? never seen the inside! coolness. so sorry about the nausea! bet that is the same thing at light shows at concerts.


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