The Wiki Family

 I think everybody by now knows about Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, but that’s just one of a whole family of Wiki services.  Here are few you may not be familiar with– and like Wikipedia, they are all free to use, quote, and link to:

  • Wiktionary:  an online dictionary
  • WikiNews:  breaking news.  This one has not really caught on yet, so there isn’t a lot of content, but what they have is more complete and better sourced than most traditional news sources.
  • WikiQuote:  sourced quotes.  (I use this on a lot to verify quotes before I post them.  When I see something like “‘Always follow your dreams!’  ~Albert Einstein,” I check it out before I pass it along.)
  • WikiSpecies:  if it’s alive, you’ll find a picture and description here.  It’s very cool, great for casual browsing
  • WikiBooks:  free, open-source textbooks
  • Wikiversity:  free courses for learning just about anything that interests you
  • WikiSource:  an extensive collection of public domain books, free to read and download


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    …thanks for the refresher..!


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