Has, Held, Is

Come to Dust

by Ursula K. Leguin, in So Far So Good ©2018

(via Jules of Nature)

Spirit, rehearse the journeys of the body

that are to come, the motions

of the matter that held you.

Rise up in the smoke of palo santo.

Fall to the earth in the falling rain.

Sink in, sink down to the farthest roots.

Mount slowly in the rising sap

to the branches, the crown, the leaf-tips.

Come down to earth as leaves in autumn

to lie in the patient rot of winter.

Rise again in spring’s green fountains.

Drift in sunlight with the sacred pollen

to fall in blessing.

                                   All earth’s dust

has been life, held soul, is holy. 



  1. markonit

    …but what of our consciousness..? Why does it not feel in harmony with all of this..?


  2. simply beautiful!!!!


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