Tea and Oranges

 This poem by Leena Badri and this song by Leonard Cohen seem to share a common vibe:

Azza and I Share a Cup of Tea

by Leena Badri, from Pank Magazine 1.1-2020

(via 3 Quarks Daily)

We find a perfect piece of shade underneath the warm sun,

and Azza pours the tea before she speaks

Azza never looks the same.

Each time you get close enough, each time you think you know her,

she reveals another surface

If you don’t pay attention, you might almost miss it

the way her crisp white toub falls gracefully on her shoulders,

how the gold crescent in her nose accentuates her face tenderly

Azza is timid, but captures your attention

She is not a mere stop on your destination

So, plan to stay awhile.

Listen to the way she uses language to weave stories full of heart

Pay attention to how she sings songs of love

Count the scars and ask her how many battles she has fought

You will be surprised to learn how many of them she’s won.

Sip your tea slowly and know that she will offer you a place to stay

Let her soft voice trickle into your ears, and

Let the cool breeze touch your skin

No need for formalities,

Azza has no care for them

She has no need for ceremony nor procedure

She takes big leaps, wanders on the dangerous route

She fears nothing, and is ready to risk it all

She is fearless, but never reckless

Beautiful, but never boastful

Smart, and always dreaming

She paints pictures of hopes and what-ifs

See how her eyes light up when she talks of future

Notice when she smiles

Because it does not happen often

Savor the moment,

Ask her the questions

Listen to the answers

Sip your tea slowly


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