He’s Here


“I see him in my dreams all the time.  I hear him when I’m on stage.  I would say I can’t talk to him, but I can.  I don’t miss him, he’s here with me.”  ~Bob Weir, on Jerry Garcia

I’m glad he has a connection that endured beyond death.  But I’m envious.

The people I’ve lost are just gone.  I don’t feel their presence, they don’t visit me in my dreams.

And I wish they did.



  1. Well, here I’m qualified to reassure you, since I have way more dead friends than live ones, the dead group is usually the much happier and better adjusted of the two, and they’ve proven their actuality beyond the doubt for more strangers about whom I myself had access to no information whatsoever but who walked away in tears. They’re here, they’re not going anywhere (things are too exciting around here right now — you don’t walk out of a good movie in its last quarter hour unless you’re REALLY worried about the exit traffic), and you’ll be hugging them soon.

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    • Thank you. And if we don’t get to meet up in this world, look me up on the other side. 🙂

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      • Well, thank you very much — I’ll just do that 🤗


  2. oh…I pray this WILL happen for you…you are an intensely sensitive and loving soul.

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