There are some television shows, like Seinfeld and The Office, that are dialogue-driven.  They’re great if you like clever wordplay or quoting lines.  They lend themselves easily to memes.  

But the shows I really like are ones like The Andy Griffith Show; big on heart.  Nobody even tries to create shows like that anymore.  It’s a lost cause.

The problem is time.  The Andy Griffith Show had twenty-seven minutes of show and only three minutes of commercials; some episodes of The Big Bang Theory are only seventeen minutes long.  My favorite Andy Griffith episode, “Man in a Hurry,” has a lovely scene where Andy and Barney quietly sing a favorite gospel song together while they relax on the porch.  TBBT could never do that– with only seventeen minutes, they have to cut to the chase.  Recite your line, cue the laugh track, and cut to commercial.

You lose a lot that way.


  1. I totally agree! The last show that was close to this was MODERN FAMILY..i loved how they had NO soundtrack, no audience


  2. Sloganized reality


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