Tom T. Hall (1936-2021)

Full lyrics HERE.

There’s no one genre of music I prefer over another.  When a song packs an emotional punch, that’s what attracts me.  Tom T. Hall was a master at that.

There’s a nice write up of the man and his career posted to Variety, which you can read HERE.  Here’s an quote from that article I thought was particularly nice:

“The first guy who came up with a religion was sitting out under a tree by himself. So I thought the best way to get a real good religion is to go out and sit under a tree by yourself and let it all happen. …  Great idea. So, I have a weird kind of religion. But I guess it’s a good one. I’m gonna find out some day.”

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  1. Some a them old geezers just knew how to put a handle on it, huh?

    He’s in good company — didn’t the Buddha go this same way, hey hey?

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