Old Women Knitting Quilts

 Excerpted from John Lydon’s autobiography Rotten:  No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, ©1994:

I’m not a social snob; I can move inside any group and feel comfortable, I don’t care if it’s old women talking about knitting quilts. It’s all about human beings. I can find that as fascinating as anything else. Sid, Paul, and Steve had a very hard time understanding that. “It’s not rock ‘n’ roll.” Of course it is! Rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to relate to everybody! If everybody isn’t involved, then it’s sectarianism. The people who condemn and slag you off do so because they have little knowledge of you. If you confront them and give them that knowledge, things will change. That’s the whole point of living! You can learn off each other and enjoy.


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