Anyone Can Do It

 John Lydon (aka “Johnny Rotten”) on the Sid Vicious personality cult, excerpted from his autobiography Rotten:  No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, ©1994:

Since I always have to have a point and purpose to everything I do, that’s why people accuse me of being calculated. But it’s the way I am. I always know my next move. I could never conjure up a death wish. This is all I have, life. I don’t know what comes next, and frankly, I’m in no rush to find out. I didn’t believe in playing the martyr just for the sheer hell of it, either. And to die over something as vaguely childish as rock ‘n’ roll is not on. Even though there’s a lot of popularity in Sid’s character, the people who buy the Sid myths, they don’t buy records. They’re wasters. That’s the drug culture thing for losers and junkies, people who bemoan their sorry lot. I’m not part of that. I never was. I’ll always go out and make sure it gets better. That’s the difference between the Sid fanatic and the Johnny Lydon Appreciation Society. Life and death! There’s nothing glorious in dying. Anyone can do it.


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