Maybe They Think I’m Going To Have an Abortion

The Texas chapter of the NAACP is suing the University of Texas over the song “The Eyes of Texas,” which they consider racist.  The article at EPSN (link) goes on to say:

For decades, it has been sung after games and graduation ceremonies, and is a popular sing-along at weddings and even funerals.

Um, no it’s not.  It’s a crappy little song they teach school children because the melody is simple, but nobody outside of UT sings that song, ever; certainly not at funerals.

Personally I don’t think the song is racist, but I’d still like to see it banned just because the lyrics are creepy as hell (source):

The eyes of Texas are upon you
All the live long days
The eyes of Texas are upon you
And you cannot get away

Do not think you can escape them
From night till early in the morn
The eyes of Texas are upon you
Till Gabriel blows his horn

WTF?  Seriously, Texas, just stop following me around!  Leave me alone!


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  1. OMG! Call the Vice Squad — this shouldn’t be permitted! 😆

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