Excerpted from The New Yorker article “The Frustration with Productivity Culture”, by Cal Newport:

“I was inundated with requests for writing and speaking,” she (Celeste Headlee) said. She tried to say “no” more often, but found that “the offers got harder and harder to turn down.” She was soon overwhelmed. “I was more stressed out, and more busy, and sick,” she said, describing two prolonged illnesses that laid her low during this period. “That’s what made me realized I was in crisis: I rarely get sick.” Headlee concluded that humans were not wired to maximize activity—she argued that we’re pushed into this unnatural and unhealthy state by cultural influences that aren’t aligned with our best interests, citing “a combination of capitalist propaganda with religious propaganda that makes us feel guilty if we’re not feeling productive.”

You can read the full article HERE.



  1. excellent!! i have found myself doing this..and feel so much better when I just breathe.


  2. Many in the arts have survived the struggle only to capitulate to success.


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