I first heard this song on the radio in the 70s.  I don’t think you’ll hear a 17-minute rock opus on the radio today.

It’s a love song from Adam to Eve, in the Garden of Eden.  Promising to be true seems like a pretty easy promise to keep when there are only two people in existence.

Full lyrics HERE.


  1. We can’t pay attention to anything for seventeen minutes straight any more (where are the ads?) 😆

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    • For me, the Grateful Dead was sort of a gateway drug. Once I became accustomed to thirty minute songs, a standard three-minute pop song just wouldn’t cut it anymore.

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      • You’re so hard core! Haha! I haven’t listened to a full three minute pop song in, let’s see, at least ten years. Isn’t that wonderful? Talk about audial poison! 😱


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