Just a Different Way to Be

“Picture a wave in the ocean. You can see it, measure it – its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through – and it’s there, and you can see it, and you know what it is: it’s a wave. And then it crashes on the shore and it’s gone. But the water is still there. The wave was just a different way for the water to be for a little while. That’s one conception of death for a Buddhist: the wave returns to the ocean, where it came from, where it’s supposed to be.”  ~Chidi, The Good Place

I don’t know what I believe sometimes.  The quote above is very pretty and poetic,  but I don’t necessarily believe it.

But if it turns out to be true, and we are all just waves returning to the ocean, that would be okay. 



  1. Once I went so high that I was simultaneously the Self I am “eternally,” and at the same time absolutely dissolved into connection with every other speck of consciousness in the universe. They’re not mutually exclusive.

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  2. yes…i feel the same way. I seriously don’t know if i’d want to be reincarnated…i think,l if it was TODAY? i’d want to be an animal..a cat, a bird, a penquin..someone who doesn’t know or care about politics and bullshit


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