What’s So Funny?

I don’t think getting a laugh is a good enough reason to be unkind.

Comedian Tim Hawkins has done a bit for years where he mocks vegans.  He perpetuates the stereotype that we’re all weak and dizzy, and makes it clear that we are not at all like the “normal” people in his audience who applaud his weird gastronomical bullying.

Dave Chappelle apparently has a “comedy” special out that spends a great deal of time attacking gays and trans folks.  He’s banking on the “Ha ha, can you believe I just said that?” trope working once again.

It probably will.

It was uncomfortable for me to sit through a set that attacked me for what I eat.  I can only imagine what it’s like to listen to a crowd applaud as your very identity is ridiculed.

I don’t know why people will pay to hear that.

I think less of them for doing so.

Full lyrics HERE.

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