Romantic Friendship

 From the article “What Is Romantic Friendship?” by By Sukaina Hirji and Meena Krishnamurthy, in The New Statesman:

What, then, were (Iris) Murdoch and (Philippa) Foot to each other? Close friends? Lovers? Murdoch herself grappled with this question. She wrote to Foot, “Sometimes I feel I have to invent a language to talk to you in, though my heart is very full of definite things to say. You stir some very deep part of my soul. Be patient with me and don’t be angry with my peculiarities. I love you very much.” It seems Murdoch herself didn’t quite know how to characterise her affections for Foot.

What they had may best be described as a “romantic friendship.”

There’s a certain segment of the population that loves putting labels on relationships:  “I’m a polyamorous gender-fluid non-binary supercalifragilistic…”

But you don’t have to do that.  You can just let it be. 


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