Audacity Not Withstanding

The 60s were not a happy time.

There was a huge political divide.  Nixon was a narcissistic basket case. There was a land war that had dragged on for years, coupled with the imminent threat of nuclear annihilation. Talented young people were overdosing at an alarming rate. There was an entrenched poverty class. Athletes raised a fist in protest when the national anthem played. Racism and sexism were huge problems, while homophobia was so commonplace there wasn’t even a word for it yet.

In a lot of ways, their America then is the same as our America now, with one key difference:

They had hope.


A Spambot went through and “liked” dozens of my posts.  There doesn’t seem to be a way to block or moderate “likes,” so the offending site gets free advertising and there’s nothing I can do about it.  Comments I have a great deal of control over, but I seem to be powerless over “likes.”

What makes this so frustrating is that one way I find new blogs to follow is to check out the people who like the same posts I like.  That’s still a great way to find new blogs- but be very cautious now about the links you click.

(And if someone knows a way to block or moderate spam “likes,” please tell me.)

Just for one day…

Finding this song really restored my flagging spirits.

I see is as more than just a specific story of a love affair. I see it in the more general sense of living in the moment: we can’t do everything, but we can do this one thing; we can’t do it forever, but we can do it now.

Even if it’s just for one day.