“This is why I like the company of gardeners and farmers: not just for the humility that dirty fingernails brings, but also because they are just about the last people on earth who have patience in this ever-faster spinning world.” ~Tim Mountz (via)

1st and 2nd

It’s been said that the first thought that pops into your head is just a reflection of how society has conditioned you to respond– it’s the second thought that defines who you are.

So if an unkind thought pops into your head, don’t fret over it.  Just replace it with one of your own.

A Passion for Conformity

“Rock ‘n’ roll is musical baby food: it is the worship of mediocrity, brought about by a passion for conformity.”  ~Mitch Miller

As a record producer for Columbia, he passed on Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and The Beatles (source).

As much as I have enjoyed his “Sing Along” albums,  I think I would have fired him.