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Strahlen (Radiate), 1929, by Wassily Kandinsky

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She was dancing for herself…

This excerpt from Zelda by Nancy Milford, ©1970, describes an incident that took place when she was in her mid-twenties, before mental illness consumed her life.  She must have been quite a force of nature: When Zelda indulged in high jinks that summer there was a quality about the performance that was striking; she seemed …


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It isn’t raining rain, you know…

A happy little song, written in 1921, that you can sing to cheer yourself up whenever you need to. You can read a little about it at Wikipedia, and read the lyrics HERE.

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“Gone before we have time to consider them.”

This journal entry is excerpted from Sketches From A Life by George F. Kennan, ©1989: December 20, 1927 Reading Buddenbrooks (Thomas Mann), this Forsyte Saga of old Lübeck, I cannot help but regret that I did not live fifty or a hundred years sooner. Life is too full in these times to be comprehensible. We know …

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You’re the cream in my coffee

Full lyrics HERE. I don’t know what made me think of Annette Hanshaw today.  I like her voice, but more than that I like the way her music makes me feel. (Her music was featured in the 2008 movie Sita Sings The Blues, which you can watch or download– freely and legally– HERE.  If you …

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