But I’m never alone…

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It’s easy to forget how expressive Alice Cooper could be on the slow songs.  The makeup and goofy anthems like School’s Out came to define him, and he is so much more than that.  I’m sure the song above is largely autobiographical, whether or not he realized it at the time.

If you like concept albums, be sure to look up The Last Temptation. It’s all about sin, fall, and redemption– not exactly themes he is known for– and I’d rank it high on my list of favorite albums. You have to listen to it in its entirety at least the first time; out of order, the songs lose their context. But this is one I’d recommend everyone listen to at least once.



When I was a boy, I wanted to be a Pip when I grew up.  The suits, the style, the moves, the silky-smooth vocals; they enchanted me.


I think I’m so educated and I’m so civilized
‘Cause I’m a strict vegetarian
But with the over-population and inflation and starvation
And the crazy politicians
I don’t feel safe in this world no more
I don’t want to die in a nuclear war
I want to sail away to a distant shore and make like an apeman

In man’s evolution he’s created the city and the motor traffic rumble
But give me half a chance and I’d be taking off my clothes
And living in the jungle
‘Cause the only time that I feel at ease
Is swinging up and down in a coconut tree
Oh what a life of luxury to be like an apeman…

Full lyrics HERE.