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Saint Abbie Hoffman

In this excerpt from Fates Worse Than Death, copyright 1991, Kurt Vonnegut talks about one of my personal heroes, Abbie Hoffman: I mentioned Abbie Hoffman in that piece about books as mantras for meditation. I realize that most people nowadays don’t know who he was or what he did. He was a clowning genius, having …


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Excerpted from Fates Worse Than Death by Kurt Vonnegut, ©1991: I was willing to believe back in the 1960s that deep meditation as practiced in India might be a way to achieve happiness and wisdom which had not been previously available to people of European and African stock. The Beatles also believed this for a …

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What’s your price?

(via) “Mr. Hoffman what is your price for ending the protests?” It never occurred to the interviewer that not everyone has a price.  It makes him angry that Abbie doesn’t seem to even understand the question.

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Abbie Hoffman

I used to keep Abbie Hoffman quotes in a text-file as I came across them, and below is the collection I found on a backup disk.   ABBIE HOFFMAN QUOTES A modern revolutionary group heads for the television station. Avoid all needle drugs, the only dope worth shooting is Richard Nixon. I believe in compulsory …

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